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Play that pong, pong, pong, pong song! 


YES, that's right! Join us every Friday at Barrio Watford for some ball bouncing badness. Think beer pong - gone LOCO!


Pick your poison, whether it’s Margaritas, Prosecco or Beer, rally the Amigos and get ready for an evening of Barrio Margarita Pong Mayhem. All hosted by the wild and only Señor Sisqo, providing the fun and fiesta whilst you play. 


Fancy yourself a Pong Champ, join us on stage for a showdown. There are PRIZES TO BE WON! 


Whether there’s 4, 8 or 20 of you – there’s a package for everyone.


It’s time to play Amigos.


Booking from only £50 for 1 hour Margarita Pong Table and a selection of drinks to choose from.


Regular table bookings available too if you just want to join us for a drink in one of the bars.


Not ready to book a ticket today? Enquire with our team for more information, including other dining and bottomless drink options.


Doors open at 5pm for those early starters to take advantage of our Happy Amigo Hour and everyone is welcome to stay after your pong slot is finished.